July 21, 2014


This song, regardless of your music genre choices, should make you smile. For ages, this has stuck with me. This song. It was the intro / first song at our wedding a few months back. We even put together a little couples dance vibe, as you do, when you’re happy.

Then there is the video. Basically, happy people.

For ages now, I have been wondering where we get this happiness thing. What is the secret to keeping it when you have it – because I have certainly had it in my life and currently, there is a lot of it around.

For me, this year, happiness has been a choice.

It has been such a manic year, and the second 6 months of the year looks set to make the first 6 look mildly contemplating about being busy. I get home tired, and grumpy sometimes. There are big decisions every day, scenarios that play on my mind and people who test my patience and moral compass on a daily basis. And yet, I know I am happier than a year ago.

Being married has been a big factor and having that backing and belief from someone is incredible. Together, we are a team unlike any other and my psyche is changed forever, because as much as I make my own decisions, there is a team element to it, which makes me stronger. I am thinking in different ways, boxing in new arenas, and yet, there is a happiness I have not known before.

For a loner like me, this has been a superb revelation.

I have also had a huge amount of creative process in my day-to-day life this year, which is another reason for this happiness. Yes, I am a big believer in creating something. It’s not for everyone, but finding out what gives your life purpose and meaning is not as high on most peoples’ agendas as it should be.

For me, I need to creating something. I also need to be exploring and this year, I certainly have had fun with that. I have had the buy-in from valued sponsors to go exploring, rather than racing, and it seems I have been able to take most of you with me on that journey.

Coming back to the choice element of happiness, these are all choices. They come from hard compromises and tough conversations to get people to believe in my vision. It takes planning and execution and just the other day I heard someone on TV say “I worked hard for 20 years to get my overnight success” and it stuck with me.

A great example for me is my buddy James Cunnama. For years, he worked and worked and worked and when his breakthrough race came, he was a sudden success. People noticed him for the first time.

But it took his whole life to be an overnight success. And now, it will take the rest of his life to maintain that status.

I am rambling a little now, but the basics of this article are:

1. Happiness is a choice.
2. It’s a choice that takes work.
3. Work is likely more than you want to do but you have to do a lot more to get what you want.
4. Once you have it, maintaining it also takes work.
5. Never stop dancing.

Last point is merely there because there is always time to dance.


Be happy. Let that be your choice this week.

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July 31, 2014 at 4:55 pm

what a lucky wife to have a husband who says such nice things…


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