September 12, 2014

This Moment

Right now, I am sitting on our incredible farm, writing this little blog post for myself, and for you. It will serve as a reminder to remember this moment.

I am roughly 4 weeks into my new life. The entrepreneur life. It has been a superb few weeks and again, the support has been incredible. Never did I imagine it would work out this well, so quickly.

Then today, I read this. You should read it too because its quite important.

In the last month, I have realised that there really, obviously, is this moment. It’s what we do with this moment that counts. This moment builds towards others, of course. This morning, we raced 58km/Day1 of the Ride to Nowhere. I was feeling a little sluggish so I wasn’t paying attention early on and got stuck behind a group of riders who could not make a little technical section and we walked while the front 3 rode away.

My legs came right and I chased hard and got to within 1min30 of them, ultimately finishing 2min30 down as I was riding solo chasing 3 guys, which just didn’t work as I got a little more tired towards the end.

The point is that in that moment, I made the wrong choice. I arrived with the wrong attitude to go for the win and wasn’t committed for the win for every moment of the ride. Only once I felt better, did I commit. It was too late. In my business, I would never take that sort of risk as I am taking every moment seriously. Every call, lead, email, quote is a serious thing, and I am in for the win.

I have too much competition who are hungry to play against and if I slip up, they will pounce.

In this, is the message. I don’t need to focus on the rest of time to get it right. Right now, I am focused on sending an easy to understand, clear message out to the internet. After this, I will return to sending some email and making some calls. Each one will be given the time and effort necessary to make it a success. Each moment then, a potential for success.

This moment is all you have. Use it wisely.

Tomorrow, I am going to commit from the gun for Day2.

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