September 23, 2014

Change as a constant

Life has this crazy way of catching up with us, all at once. Just when you think you have all the balls in the air under control, one knocks another, spiralling out of control.

Best laid plans are just that – plans.

Reality is often just one change away, just one moment from ruining the entire experience, so carefully put together.

I have had a few standout bosses who taught me all about what I call The Hustle. The two really standout ones were opposite in execution, but pretty much exactly the same in personality.

Both were salesman, but one was far more sales and less planning and the other was a planner who could sell. Really, I hope I picked up more from the latter, but the first one was a real lesson in doing what it takes to make the sale.

What I learned from them both was the work ethic that it takes to be successful. I learned that the customer is right, and you compromise to make sure the deal is a success, but standing for your values and morals.

Right now, I have postponed a trip home to make sure I personally deliver the first two orders in my new business. I am compromising on past drivers (a really big scary race on Saturday which I am now going to arrive for just in time) to make sure my clients are happy, as the highest priority.

In conjunction with this, our new import / export license has experienced some very nice delays, after a name change to an existing company took 12 weeks instead of 12 days, meaning complications all around and best laid plans for a smooth run into Enduroman are out the window.

As I sit here, I have been to the local sports store, bought some extra things for the week to make sure I can semi do my taper correctly and reorganised cars, accommodation, flights and let all clients know that I am committed to them for the delivery in person, because it matters.

My week is in tatters, but these are small problems for a new business.

How often will you see athletes complain about how things didn’t go perfectly for their race plan?

Honestly, there is no perfect. Nothing ever goes perfectly and unless you can adapt to what is thrown (and sometimes shot out of a canon at close range) at you, how do you expect to cope in the real world away from the sporting event you are obsessing over?

PRO athletes adapt well, mid-race, when the poop hits the fan. My favourite non-PRO athletes are those who can roll with the punches, who can suffer with panache when the chips are down. My favourite friends, colleagues, bosses and team mates have all exhibited this characteristic.

It got me thinking.

No, it was a realisation.

That I am surrounded by these awesome people, who make a difference, who give a damn and who are doing incredible things.

Then I sat back, closed my eyes, breathed…. And got stuck in again.

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