February 17, 2015

My Rubbish

Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening.

Thank you for taking the time to surf on over here and read what I write. It’s a little thing I hope I never take advantage of. We are all busy people. Some of us even get things done in our busyness. If this blog does not add to your life in some way, stop reading it – life is too short to hang around hoping for better content.

I’ve been super reflective lately. There are things going on around me that are guiding me to self-examine and examine generally, in a much broader sense. When things are simply easy, flowing and just awesome, who gives a toss about looking at meaning, internal happiness and forging a future, right?

When opportunity is everywhere, we lose track of hit lists and potential.

It got me thinking again, that I should never forget my realisation at CCC in 2013, that it’s all bullshit.

So what is my rubbish?

All of it, depending on who you talk to. I sat earlier having second breakfast at a little health cafe vibe near our flat, and looking around me, there were so many walks of life. Many of them would disagree with so much of my life and me with so much of theirs, and then again so many people walking by, to whom eating healthy food is a luxury, or even a ‘waste of time’ would consider all our lives rubbish.

So more importantly, am I comfortable without my rubbish?

If something happened to me today and I was unable to do various things, would I become so depressed that I couldn’t carry on with my life or would I be adaptable to finding new rubbish to keep myself happy?

Does my current rubbish define me in such a way that it alters key decisions, possibly more important decisions?

Would you compromise on a much bigger, more important thing (realistically, if you broke it down) for a short term goal?

When are are committed to something, seemingly important, and a curveball that affects that, gets thrown at us, we are often so quick to bat it away, when really we need to catch this ball above all others. But our emotional state means we are irrationally committed to another thing already and often, we can’t face the juggle.

Ive written down my list of rubbish, just to make sure I stay aware that it is just rubbish and I have also written a list of the really important, long term things. These I also monitor. All the time.

Have a great week. Xterra Grabouw this weekend!

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