March 23, 2015



2015 is going so very well. I am nervous to jinx it at times. If I look at the progress going on around me and the big picture stuff coming to fruition I have to pinch myself at times.

So let’s take a step back 4 months ago and start with the athletic stuff.

The use of a power meter has been superb. I have trusted my coach 100% and I completed his sessions to the T where at all possible. At times it was seriously tough. The polarisation of the intensity and recovery was immense. My easy sessions are tough to complete because they are so easy. I have to force myself to ride slower the entire time. I cannot invite normal mates on these rides as they find it immensely frustrating to ride that slowly.

The tough sessions were also so tough that nobody wanted to do them with me. They would join for one session and then mysteriously disappear or get really busy when the next one came about.

This from a group of riders where plenty of them have just finished top 50 at Cape Epic.

But the growth was immense.

Close on doubled my sprinting power.

20% better on the steady climbs of 15-20min.

Massive. I halved my distance to the front at Xterra races in the space of 3 months.

We now take those growth spurts and we try focus them towards a 70.3 in August, and we are adding run training in there too, from the same coach. Should make for some fun winter sessions.


My new business has gone supremely well. Ellipsis is close on sold out of a first season, and Cuore is growing strength to strength. We are able to really provide a supreme service, as well as a supreme product, and that is a key differentiator for me. I am attempting to grow the business without sacrificing on those things, making sure the customer is always number 1. Season 2 of Ellipsis will be out soon, and that is super exciting too.

We are looking to the future, with dreams of opening some showroom type spaces, offering the best cycling fashion in the world alongside a space where people can drink the perfect espresso, eat real food and enjoy their favorite race together. Watch this space.


My wife and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary. It’s been the best year of my life. Our teamwork, partnership and love carry me through every challenge I face and when I have to race sans wedding ring I find myself looking for it the entire time, to the point where I risk swimming with it on rather than race without it.

We have just bought out first house together and in a month we are heading overseas for 3 weeks to take a break from what has been a really hectic 8 months for us with the new business etc. A pause, proper.


It’s a year of constant learning so far. The old dog with new tricks, never too wise to learn, never too old to bounce back.

I had my wisdoms out in December, and the difference in my vitality has been huge. My immune system is much stronger, my energy levels better and my strength has increased. I believe I had an infection going in my mouth for 12 months before, which would have had a huge effect on how I felt, in general.

I learned that extremes are best done when balanced, that zone 3 is great but that the combination of zone 5 and 2 makes me jump higher, albeit likely not longer.

I learned about all sort of legal things, bargaining skills, how to really jump in the deep end when it comes to buying a house, my largest financial commitment yet and I learned that love is a thing best moulded by consistent work, open communication and recklessly giving your heart to someone without expecting it in return.

Q 1 2015, you have rocked my world.

Let’s keep this up…

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