July 13, 2015

That winter funk

You know it. You feel it. Some even have a name for it. I am going to call it the winter funk. Generally it leaves me feeling as follows:

– Tired
– Lethargic
– Hungry
This much motivation

But I think its normal. Especially in our part of the world where days go from long to short, temperatures drop significantly, rain levels rise and we are naturally a little more prone to hibernation. My wife, in all her wisdom, is quite in tune with her sleep needs and in winter she sleeps almost 2 hours more per night I would say, on average. It’s just what she needs and many of us are so out of tune with that sort of thing.

Here are my own queues to myself to keep this at bay, during these months:

– Routine works for me. Get up, get it done, even if its cold and dark.

– Friends give friends responsibility. I feel like if I don’t make the Tuesday ride, I have let the boys down, so I get up and get it done.

– Invest in the layering concept. Especially if you are from Jozi with freezing mornings and warm afternoons.

– Get your Vitamin D. Stand in the sun during your lunchbreak and soak it up. It’ll make you happier.

– Don’t forget to hydrate. Sure, its cold, but if you’re dehydrated, you’ll be more likely to feel tired and demotivated.

– Plan weekend missions. I find going to new places and seeing new things keeps the motivation levels up for me.

– Keep your immune system going. Nobody wants to anything when sick or sickish. There are so many ways to do this – find what works for you and stick with it.


A last thought, which requires you to leave here and go read something elsewhere that touched me.

Read this. Beat the winter funk, one good decision at a time.

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