April 22, 2016


The only constant is change, and really, that is how we got here. In 2004, I started a little blog called Urban Ninja in the hopes of sharing my experiences with other athletes whilst keeping sponsors happy with some extra coverage.

Blogging was pretty new, and Urban Ninja grew to include a fan base way beyond triathlon, which was my main focus back then. Out of Urban Ninja came things like the Pure Planet Racing team, the Athlete Manifesto and in the process, it even won a couple of awards.

A couple of years back we started Privateer as an outlet to talk about important things, to create ridiculous events and offer some superb products. It was fun, but all 3 of us were drawn to other projects at the time.

In late 2014, we took the agency for Cuore of Switzerland for South Africa to create the best service in the industry for custom apparel of the best quality. Cuore are proudly the partner to companies like Investec, Standard Bank, FNB, Miway, John o Connor Cycles, PWC, Cipla Nutrition and over 200 other clients.

In 2015, I hardly blogged at all, mainly because I felt I had said what needed to be said, as Urban Ninja. I grew out of that persona a while back and in late 2015, it felt cluttered. I was running Urban Ninja, Raised to race, Ellipsis and we had this Privateer thing, just sitting there. So after much consideration, it’s all been combined into one singular entity, called Privateer. In the process we acquired the agencies for HED Cycling and Challenge Tyres to create something more meaningful as a web presence.

Here you will find the finest cycling apparel, all made by Cuore of Switzerland, as well as leading ranges from HED Cycling, Challenge Tyres, POC and some last closeout items from Ellipsis.

The old Urban Ninja content is filed under Journal, and here you will find regular content being updated that will be a little different from the past, but you will also find new authors and the return of Øyvind Sparkerumpe, who has reluctantly agreed to write us from time to time. It took a couple bottles of Barolo and a signed Kentridge to seal the deal, but we did it for you, the reader.

There are some superb ranges coming in the coming months and we will be releasing fresh lines of Privateer branded goods every month. The goal is to create limited-edition goods so that you don’t all have to wear the same mundane stuff that dominates the industry currently.

Big thanks for following the journey so far. This feels like the logical next step, a brand that feels familiar, kind and will bring you the best of the best.

Please use the contact page if you have any questions.

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