Nutrition: A Moving Target

Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietician, nutritionist, naturopath or even a self-confessed nutrition guru. I am just a man, trying to work this stuff out. +++ Over the years, I have drastically changed how I eat, how I consume, how I recover and how I train. Nutrition is the […]

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Rehidrat Tips 2014

As you know – I love Rehidrat. It’s the absolute cornerstone of my nutrition when it comes to hydration and recovering pre-and-post training and events. For 2014, we have produced some training and racing tips with them – when I say ‘we’ – its the very good-looking and extremely fast […]

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Eating for Life

It’s been a while since I posted about nutrition and this week has been quite a challenge emotionally as my mum, who is pre-diabetic, was also diagnosed with Hoshimotos Thyroiditis & Lipidemia. It’s not the diagnosis that brought this post about, but more around the eating instructions she received to […]

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Fat Adapted, Paleo & The Myth of Quick Fixes

There are so many fads being thrown about nowadays and lately I have been having a lot of conversations around diet with many different people. From athletes wanting to make the switch to athletes who have successfully implemented or failed at implementing new eating habits into their lives. From professionals […]

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Hydration & Performance

For about 18 months now, I have been toying with hydration levels and where my best performance lies. I found products that I raced well on when hydrated and products that I raced extremely well on when slightly dehydrated. The 2nd scenario is something I am now pursuing and only […]

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Hydration Lessons

Last weekend was the 2 Oceans Half Marathon. Here is a quick synopsis of my race: 1:17:34 moving time. Great run considering the dodgy knee and sinus problems. I was super stoked even though I know there were a few minutes lost. Could well have been a smashing PB. Really […]

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