HED Eroica Carbon Wheelset


There’s no doubt about it, the HED Eroica Carbon is a purebred carbon gravel bike wheel. At just 1340 grams for the pair, the Eroica Carbon features an unprecedented strength & lightness, upholding HED’s legacy of proven speed. The secret? It’s in our DNA. HED’s patent-pending Dual-Axis Nipple Alignment (DNA) technology is a feat of wheel design, where each spoke hole is uniquely positioned for perfect load distribution – push & pull, left & right – throughout the wheel.



HED Wheels are available direct to consumer in South Africa, straight from the factory. This ensures RRP matching and the best service. Product will ship from the US and a tracking number will be sent to you as soon as they have left the US – usually 3-5 working days. Product will ship directly to your door and there will be no local charges for your account. 

We didn’t set out to create another all road bike wheel. From the ground up, we designed & hand-built a wheel for cyclists who want to ride without limits.

Creating the perfect gravel bike wheel meant pursuing of an exceptional sweet spot in wheel design, at the intersection of strength & speed. Beginning with the precise placement of 127 plies of carbon, the Eroica Carbon features a 25mm internal, 30mm external rim width, tubeless ready carbon clincher perfectly suited to a wide range of tire sizes.

Our patent pending Dual-Axis Nipple Alignment (DNA) and CNC drilling aligns the spoke bed & hole to match every spoke angle. Look closely and you’ll see variable geometry on the rim nose.   At each nipple hole, the rim is perpendicular to the spoke so that spoke tension is evenly distributed around the entirety of the nipple. Full contact and even load are the keys to building a featherweight wheel that can take on the most brutal gravel conditions with confidence & ease.

The result? A ride quality that is as lively as it is confidence-inspiring. A wheel that is ready to take you further faster.


HED’s patent-pending Dual-Axis Nipple Alignment (DNA) profile and CNC spoke drilling aligns the spoke bed and hole to match the four spoke angles – pulling, pushing, left and right – of a wheel. With the nipple aligned to the spoke angle, the spoke path is direct; eliminating uneven strain on the nipple and keeping spokes from bending at mismatched angles.

This design allows HED to create a lighter, stronger rim with a consistent interface around the entirety of the wheel.

Front Rear
Rim Material Carbon Carbon
Rim Weight 432 grams 432 grams
Rim Depth 30mm 30mm
Internal Rim Width 25mm 25mm
External Rim Width 30.5mm 30.5mm
Hole Count 24 24
Optimal Tire Size 32mm – 50mm 32mm – 50mm


Front Rear
Wheel Weight 625 grams 729 grams
Wheel Size 700C 700C
Hub CL Flanged, 12x100mm CL Flanged, 12x142mm
Spokes Sapim Laser Sapim Laser
Spoke Length 284mm 280/284mm
Spoke Cross 2x 2x


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