Jet 6 Plus Rim Brake Wheelset


If you had to pick one series of HED products that are the fastest, most versatile, and best bang-for-your-buck, it is our beloved Jet Plus line. The Plus rim technology is the next evolution of our groundbreaking C2 rim, and features a 25mm-wide profile. This offers a host of benefits, including better aerodynamics, handling, and stiffness, along with increased tire volume for improved ride quality and rolling speed. Riders everywhere are choosing fatter tires, and our Plus rims are the perfect match.



HED Wheels are available direct to consumer in South Africa, straight from the factory. This ensures RRP matching and the best service. Product will ship from the US and a tracking number will be sent to you as soon as they have left the US – usually 3-5 working days. Product will ship directly to your door and there will be no local charges for your account. 

The Jet Plus is ideal for almost any style of riding – road race, criterium, triathlon, Gran Fondo, or whatever you can throw at it. Stability Control Technology results in stable handling, and a big dose of True Speed. The Jet Plus can be used as a front/rear matched pair, or in combination with other rims.

This wheel is available in either a standard build with 18 front spokes and 24 rear spokes, or a Stallion build with 20 front spokes and 28 rear spokes. The Stallion build is stiffer and is ideal for strong riders or those 225 lbs and above.

Type Weight Rim Depth External Rim Width Internal Rim Width Tubeless compatible Spoke Type
Jet 4 Front 726 g 46.0 mm 25 mm 21 Yes Bladed Steel
Jet 4 Rear 922 g 46.0 mm 25 mm 21 Yes Bladed Steel
Jet 6 Front 752 g 60.0 mm 25 mm 21 Yes Bladed Steel
Jet 6 Rear 955 g 60.0 mm 25 mm 21 Yes Bladed Steel
Jet 9 Front 838 g 90.0 mm 25 mm 21 Yes Bladed Steel
Jet 9 Rear 1047 g 90.0 mm 25 mm 21 Yes Bladed Steel
Disc Rear 1268 g Full Disc 25 mm 21 Yes Bladed Steel

Weights list are standard 18/24 hole builds.




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