Privateer One Short Sleeve Jersey Green

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This silk-esque jersey is lovely way to show your friends you are more Hugo Boss than Ed Hardy. Made from just two fabrics, a 4-way stretch lightweight body and shoulders fabric that feels like silk on your skin, and a 2-way stretch on the back that means when you load those pockets, the jersey does not bounce or droop.

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Every once in a while, we bring you some new stuff that we like. We really like these jerseys. They are light, pair well with a base layer for a little more warmth, come in plain colours only, and keep the branding to almost non-existent levels.

This jersey is for the guy who doesn’t want to look like a Christmas tree or have aero sleeves, or colours that could blind a small child while drinking that double espresso post ride.

We’ve thrown in a YKK semi autolock zipper, which means you can #setthemfree on the climbs with minimal hassle, bru. Flip the zip up and tug on your manly chest and voila, those nips are in the wind and cooling the engine down to get some more wattage out the cottage.

Sleeves are a longer length, but not quite the full elbow length that your mates tease you about at braais.

When they’re gone, they’re gone. This one is green. Just green.

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