Privateer Ultralight Running Waist Bag


COMFORTABLE AND ULTRATHIN: Nylon/Lycra fabric for moisture wicking, quick drying, stretchable, and great softness against your skin. The material is lightweight ultra thin, so you almost cannot feel it when you put it on.



As our phones grow in size and we need to carry things like keys, energy gels, a buff and some sort of medical kit (this is Africa baba) our pant pockets are just not cutting it anymore.

We’ve come up with these super comfortable running bags which carry just enough to get you from A to B without needing a backpack. Think of runs up to 1hr where you don’t need to carry fluids and that probably makes up the majority of your runs.

Besides, you look like a tool on the Prom with your backpack. So, we want you to look cool, bra.



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