Kit Lines

Swiss brand Cuore has been in the custom clothing business for 25 years. The brand is worn by the IAM Cycling team, Team Spur and those in Strava clothing who have completed challenges along their athletic journey. 

At Cuore we work with Pantone colours only, we never third party manufacture and our Swiss-German standards means we deliver on time, with the perfect product, every time. 

For more information on our processes, please contact us on the right hand side of the page. 

A quick breakdown of our product lines, follows here: 


The journey is the destination, your first priority is to not arrive in tatters. Your team is ready for our FINISHER line, quality on a budget.


The BRONZE line is competitvely priced cycling clothing that still delivers superior performance. While the cut is more comfortable, the Original, Sport and Sport Vent kits offer a variety of options to fit nearly any budget.


Our SILVER products stand above the competition because of how we combine high-tech materials, super race-cut with reasonable price-to-performance ratio. The SILVER line is for you, if you want to keep up with the pros.


Our top-level GOLD line utilizes high-tech materials and aggressive cuts as part of the distinctive quality our premium level offers. The GOLD line is the same kit professional cyclists use to compete in the world’s toughest bike races.

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