I have just been on a 2 day course to improve my work skills. As a project manager working with incredible, yet corporate clients, my job is to take the pressure off my teams in the office so that they can produce the best product, and by that, I mean […]

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The Molasses

Swimming upstream into a river of molasses this week. There has simply been very little time to get to writing. Sure, it’s an excuse, but it’s the one I will stick to this week as friends, quality time and work simply took priority. You are important and I will be […]

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Beyond the Tarmac

When I look at my to-do list (the long one – its broken down into bite-size chunks to avoid vertigo) and the fact that it involves so much that does not include swimming, cycling, running or a combination thereof, I wonder why I push so hard at times. I wonder […]

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