This weekend the whole triathlon world watched as seemingly, the two Saffas raced one Lance Armstrong in Utah. As was expected, there was much Caveman / Armstrong banter doing the rounds. I had no doubt that it would not come down to those 2 athletes. Xterra is a highly contested […]

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Xterra Knysna

A beautiful setting, an incredible day and another world class event in South Africa. A special thank you first off to the sponsors who make the day possible for me on an equipment level: The Morewood for performing flawlessly, the Garmin for providing reliable information in order for me to […]

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Week Catch-Up

What a week that has gone by. Thought to drop an array of thoughts, facts and figures before its out. Below is first up, the run of Ironman. 3:24 for a slightly long run, but if you click through you will see the moving time is 3:13 and you should […]

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